The location-based social app.

Wurd allows users to create
scrolling feeds relating

to any local place or event.

Join your town's feed or create
a hyper-local feed for guests at a party, wedding, game or restaurant.

Connect and share at events and places.

At any concert, party, restaurant,
wedding or other event or
place, connect and share
pictures and posts with
other guests enjoying the event.

What is a wurd feed?

Users can create wurd feeds
small enough to cover only
guests in a restaurant or large
enough to cover an entire
town. A wurd feed displays as
a scrolling feed of pictures
and posts populated by
nearby users.

Connect with your fans, customers or friends.

You run a great place
or host a great event,
create and manage a
custom wurd feed to
connect you with your
guests. Wurd connects your
guests to your social media
pages with the touch of
one button.

Crowdsource pictures, posts and news.

At any game, concert, wedding
or other fun event, have your
guests share posts, pics and
videos. Quickly share news
with others in your town.
Or engage with and get
feedback from your customers
while they are sitting in your seats.

Create and manage a wurd feed for your place.

If you operate a place or host an event, no matter how big or small, create and manage a custom wurd feed that opens whenever your guests are near your place or event. No searching, linking, friending or following is required. Immediatly connect with your guests when they are most engaged with you.